Summer Schools

Summer Schools are open to all non-specialist teachers of physics at Stimulating Physics Network Schools.

Electricity and Forces
First Year

Our First Year programme covers core topics such as electricity, energy and forces. You'll be exposed to a range of ideas and resources to address teaching issues, such as gender balance in the classroom.

Radioactivity and Waves Icon
Second Year - only for those who've completed the First Year

Our Second Year programme introduces radioactivity, momentum and waves. You'll also build on the foundations laid out in the First Year programme.

1 + 2 = 3rd School
Third Year - only for those who've completed the Second Year

Our third year programme covers the trickier concepts of the GCSE specifications, focusing on circuits, mechanics and waves. You'll learn how a little knowledge of A-level can enhance your teaching of physics at KS4.


Registrations for the upcoming 2018 Summer Schools are closed.

30 July - 2 August 2018 at Homerton College, Cambridge - Year 1 and Year 3
6 August - 9 August 2018 at Worcester College, Oxford - Year 1 and Year 2
13 August - 16 August 2018 at National Stem Learning Centre, York - Year 1 and Year 2


    Summer Schools are designed to help you:

  • feel more confident about teaching physics

  • broaden your understanding of the subject

  • meet and share best practice with other science teachers

  • make physics more interesting for students

    ...and more enjoyable for you!

Who is it for?

All non-specialist teachers of physics from the Stimulating Physics Network programme. As we're funded by the DfE, these courses are at no cost to you. We provide meals, accommodation - and reimburse reasonable travel costs.


The Summer Schools contain:

  • workshops to develop effective teaching of physics at Key Stages 3 and 4; these differ across Years 1, 2 and 3

  • inspiring talks from guest speakers

  • ideas and resources to address teaching issues, including gender balance in STEM.

Accommodation and Food

All meals are provided in a mixture of on-site dining and outings, and all accommodation is on-site.


We've got tours, punting and other social outings planned.

What's it Like?

Check out previous courses and stay in-the-know:

Cambridge Summer School: #SPNCam
Oxford Summer School: #SPNOxford
York Summer School: #SPNYork

All costs of attending the school are covered by the Stimulating Physics Network.

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Our Summer Schools will help you:

broaden your understanding of physics

Teachers work outdoors at a Summer School workshop.

enjoy the subject more

A teacher enjoys a Physics is Fun workshop.

feel more confident about teaching physics

A TLC explains the rope loop model in an electricity workshop.

make physics more interesting for students

Teachers at a Lights, Camera, Images workshop.

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