Partner Schools

The Stimulating Physics Network works with Partner Schools to improve the quality of student experience and reinvigorate a culture of physics.

We aim to:

Value Physics Icon

Raise the profile and perceived value of physics.

Physics Development

Support the professional development of physics teachers.

Students Love Physics

Establish physics as exciting, accessible and relevant.

After being involved with the Stimulating Physics Network, non-specialist teachers of physics felt more confident in several aspects of their teaching:

  • devising physics lessons that engage students;
  • explaining the scientific principles behind experiments;
  • answering unexpected and complicated questions in class.

Read more about the impact and evaluation of the Stimulating Physics Network.

Stimulating Physics Network Partner Schools

The following support is available to our Partner Schools:

Teaching and Learning Coaches

Our Teaching and Learning Coaches (TLCs) form a network of knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic specialists that work in partnership with selected schools to reinvigorate a culture of physics. TLCs provide a bespoke programme of support based on the needs identified with the senior leadership team and the science department. This might consist of:

  • In-school, intensive, tailored support for non-specialist teachers of physics based on the Supporting Physics Teaching (SPT) resources, to improve subject knowledge, pedagogy, confidence and enjoyment of the subject.
  • A sequence of CPD sessions on chosen topics, at a time that fits in with their scheme of work (e.g. two sessions on forces a month before teachers are due to teach the topic to Year 8).
  • Follow-up support for teachers in the classroom by planning and co-teaching lessons.
  • Guidance on establishing triple-science GCSEs.
  • Access to existing support, such as STEM Learning courses.
  • Direct teaching of pupils through the Ever Wondered Why? Roadshow.
  • Enrichment activities (e.g. Ashfield Music Festival and the Exoplanet Physics Project).
  • Support to encourage girls to engage with physics, including managing groups in the class for maximum pupil engagement, using contexts that allow physics to be seen as a socially relevant and applied subject.
  • Advice about how to integrate careers guidance into the curriculum.

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We are actively recruiting schools for our network across England and Wales.

To find out if your school is eligible to join the Stimulating Physics Network as Partner School, make an expression of interest.

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